Wife should be a blessing to their husband. everyhouse wife should understand that the progress of her husband is her success.
It is my wish and personal desire to share my experience with you,in order to achieved the following.
For you to read and evaluate,absorb,observe and comment on possible solutions or way out as to how you handle the issue if you are directly involve.
        We’ve been as husband and wife since 2010,I always struggle hard to provide for her personal need and that of our children.i was called upon for national assignment which we can’t move with our families.
        Initially I had it as a plan to get a new car,I’ve gotten halve of the money for the car but because of the national assignment I transfered the money into my wife account also I granted her permission to my salaries with the following reasons.
      First of all,in the quest of the national assignment life may that she and her children will not face problem as to how they will sustain without me pending when the FGN will pay the entitlement.
     I intentionally place her in charge of everything so as not for to involve in any act of immorality as a married woman.
       Today what I get in returned is that young men are coming to sleep with her right inside my home,she was the one who reported herself.
       She established business for herself with my money without my knowledge.I discovered and I asked her she denied .I ordered her to return my money in her savings account she refused.
     As you are reading me now I have the following intentions towards her ,I have reduced her feeding money to halve of what I use to gave her,I have it on my head to discharge her as my wife without looking back on what ever the consequences will be as regarded to the children but it is a promised to my self that I will always pay their school fees and all necessary bills.
          Thank you for your time wish to read from you soon.


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