The under listed are the moral lesson derived from the actions of mad dog that isn’t chained.
1.I understand further into the details, the concepts of manoeuvrist approach.as it is  simply put into use against the PONMO governor by the EFCC.I now have it in mind that manoeuvrist approach is not only applicable in the military planning, but it is useful in everything,as it related to daily activities both in govt and private establishment.

2.It is now obvious, that no matter what,don’t ever joined issues with your father’s mate.because if you have new cloths like them.you can’t have old ones like them.

3.It is clear to me that when you are indiscipline to your superior in any particular field and the man simply ignore you.hmmmm.it doesn’t finish there.

I am sorry for the mad dog,the ponmo governor. because last time he was sent back to his house,but this time he may end up in jail yard.


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