WHERE IS KUKASHEKAU, THE ORACLE OF NIGERIAN ARMY? I can’t hear Kukashekau addressing this work we are doing on credit here in NE, or is he waiting for a petition to debunk as lies. This is the third month, troops in the front lines in the forest have not been paid their allowances. To worsen the case, Gen Ezugwu  GOC 7DIV, shamelessly lied to soldiers n now he is going without redeeming his words. Where is the integrity we knew Nigerian Army with? I doubt if the Federal Govt is aware that the same GOC 7 DIV, was sighted on several occasions sharing Dollars to placate aggrieved troops in Kumshe, MAYANTI n several other locations in the NE, thereby casting doubts as to the real currency for payment of troops in NE. As at today, 12 May 2017, soldiers in the forest have not been paid, barely two months after the GOC 7Div promised to do something about it. Its quite unfortunate that the Army Headquarters has lost grip of their Commanders thereby encouraging fraud, n corruption. If Kukashekau can debunk allegations made by soldiers in defence of the military hierarchy, why can’t he also inform the ASA,  about the plight of the troops in the frontlines? Not his business, right? Its pathetic how hostile soldiers has become to their superiors as a result of the inhumane treatment that the Army is allowing to flourish. Who is in charge of paying troops in Operational area? Why do soldiers have to use the meagre salary they are being paid to call their families from NE? When some one is sitting on their paltry #30,000. Like Kukashekau will always say, “its a voluntary Army, if you are not comfortable leave the Army”. Is this another way to force soldiers to revolt so that they can dismiss them again? ………….FORWARDED AS COPIED.


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